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Welcome change:

Things must first fall apart before something new can come into its place. It's natural to grip tightly to the old and resist what's leaving. Comfort, familiarity, our identity and [...]

Transition = Stress

A typical time of transition approaches... whether you call it "end of summer", "beginning of fall", "back to school" or time to "get back to work".  Things are changing. Going [...]

Being vulnerable…

Being vulnerable, in part, is sharing your inner narative, the story you tell yourself, no matter how irrational it may seem, in the form of an "I" statement.

Efficient vs. Adaptive

The most efficient way is often the least adaptive. Being adaptive is about strearing your choices and your life towards what's best to help you grow and reach your optimal [...]

Connecting with Nature

Communing with nature is about finding the hidden nature within yourself. Despite the technology and fast pace of our lives today, we are still animals. Mammals. Tribe living, earth living [...]