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Headaches? Neck pain? Is Your Head on Straight?

Head aches?  Neck pain? Is your head on straight? This little red tool, called a Maddox Rod, helps me figure out if your head is on straight. How can your head even get tipped? Imagine, [...]

We’re All Connected

We're All Connected I talked to a friend about something I’m going through. It was about something my family member is going through. Because my friend has gone through it, [...]

Reset to Baseline

Reset to Baseline The body and mind has a baseline.  Everybody’s is different. Our baseline is our starting point.  The place where we operate and function optimally. The stresses of our [...]

What lit your fire?

What were you passionate about? Origin of the word passion comes from "to suffer". We’re passionate about things that call us to repair or right a pain or suffering in [...]