It’s a Delicate Balance Between Past, Present and Future Focus

With everything that is, has and will happen, it’s hard to know what to pay attention to.

The future holds a lofty vision of who and what we’d like to become. That ideal lives off in the far off distance motivating us to keep moving.

Focusing on the future leaves our head in the clouds and and can leave us feeling our short comings when we compare ourselves to our ideal.

In the past are experiences that are over and can’t be changed. Some of them hurt and others successful. Both of which can be mined for wisdom and lessons of what worked and what didn’t.

Focusing on the past is like bathing in a pool of old emotions – like regret and shame – which brings us down and stunts our growth.

The present moment is where these two time continuums merge. A place to look for hidden opportunity to take action. Actions inspired by our lofty future goal and educated by the lessons of the past. Action clearly rooted in the circumstance and situation right here and now.

So, if I had to say where to focus, I’d say, “Treat each moment as an opportunity to reflect where you’re going with boundaries and values you’ve defined from the past lessons.”