Community Mindfulness

Mindfulness meet-ups are sessions that continue to carve out a space for next level Mindfulness, geared especially  for our Alumni folks. The intention for us is to be able ‘go deeper’, and take concepts to the next level in our practice. Through our work together in our 12 week programs we’ve explored our pain/stress, now, I’d like to turn the spotlight in feeling the joy and love in our lives.
Please join me and other amazing like-minded Mindfulness Alumnus to continue the journey of growth and healing, and ultimately continue to create a fulfilling and meaningful life!
This fall I’ll be running 6 Mindfulness Meet-ups on alternating Tuesdays.
We’ll take a deep dive in on the Mindfulness Principles we use to guide our practice.
The sessions will play out like this:
  • Tuesday September 26th — Acceptance
  • Tuesday October 10th — Non-Striving
  • Tuesday October 24th — Patience and Trust
  • Tuesday November 7th — Non-Judgement and Beginners Mind
  • Tuesday November 21st — Letting Go
  • Tuesday December 5th — Compassion and Self-compassion
We will still work out of the upper room at Community Centre 55 from 6:30pm-8:30pm.
We’ll open with a meditation together, present our topic and take time to do some self-reflection work (journal, quiet contemplation, etc) and then some small group work.  We’ll close with practical application to your practice, your goals and  your life and close with a themed meditation.
The cost is $35/session.  No materials needed other than your meditation props and interest.
Some of you have already RSVP’d… otherwise, please let me know your interest.
I am looking forward to meeting you there!

To learn more about registering for a Mindfulness Program, contact Dr. Adam.

    We meet at the Community Centre 55 at 97 Main St, Toronto, ON M4E 2V6.