Reset to Baseline

The body and mind has a baseline.  Everybody’s is different.

Our baseline is our starting point.  The place where we operate and function optimally.

The stresses of our day to day life push us from our baseline into compensated strategies.

Our recovery systems and activities are intended to bring us back to centre everyday.

Rituals and routines work best for this.

For me, I use a morning routine.  My morning routine starts at 5:30 in the morning.  I love this because everything is asleep and it’s quiet.  My morning routine consists of:

  • Yoga/chi gong/breathing movements (5min)
  • Meditation (10-20min)
  • Focus time where I read, write or review goals
  • Coffee and connect with Shannon till 7am when the girls wake up

What do you do to Reset to Baseline?