It’s Like Coming Home

More times than I can count on my two hands now,  have patients spontaneously offering that they feel like they’ve “come home” at a certain point of their healing process.

It happened again yesterday.

It’s a sense of quite, peace and calm mixed with connectedness, awareness and openness.

It’s not a sleepiness or subdued state.  It’s a place of non-judgement where the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ just are.  They are who they are and they feel whole in all their ways.

Often it’s associated with connecting with the present moment and simply being the witness to themselves and their lives.

These people haven’t wiped out all their problems, aren’t pain free and life is still complicated.

They’ve refound the spark of truth that they were born with.  Now they re-remember that it exists.  They have have become Journeyers on their path of life.

They are now learning to shine the light of their true selves – that peace and awareness – into their whole life.