Pain with a Purpose Builds you up!

Pain seems to be an unavoidable part of life.  It can come & go or stick around.  It comes from broad sources – mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

You meet pain differently when there’s a reason – when you have a “Why” that is bigger than the pain.

When our why is bigger than our pain, that sense of mission drives us to get through what we need to get through to see it through.

It might be the ultimate quality of what makes us human.  Purpose gives us advantage over pain.

In the absence of a sense of purpose, your foundation for resiliency against pain is shaky, if not absent.  You have no reason to endure.  Pain without purpose just hurts.  It has no meaning.

If pain is a natural part of life, it’s not going anywhere.  However, what we can do is cultivate a sense of purpose to help you weather the tough times and give meaning to the victories.