Head aches?  Neck pain? Is your head on straight?

This little red tool, called a Maddox Rod, helps me figure out if your head is on straight.

How can your head even get tipped?

Imagine, if, for whatever reason, you end up holding your head tipped over a long period of time.  It may be your work posture, an injury or accident, stress or someother reason that starts the process.

When that tipped-head posture lasts for too long your eyes will help correct your unlevel view of the world by torquing in their sockets in the opposite direction.

Once the eyes torque in the sockets, the brain isn’t motivated to un-tip the head.  Vision is primary and posture is secondary.  In otherwords, the brain chooses level vision over straight head posture.

However, now that your neck and head a straining at the tipping, it won’t take long for neck pains, headaches and posturing problems will develop.

Check for yourself… is your head on straight?