Hi, I’m Dr. Adam

I am a passionate practitioner, parent, partner and business owner… and I see you, because I’m a lot like you.

At the young age of 13 years old I was sore, anxious and exhausted.  My keen interest in health and the human body inspired me to learn how to help myself.  This took me on a wonderful journey through multiple certifications, degrees, a doctorate of chiropractic and countless continuing education programs.

During that time I developed an intricate understanding of the complex relationship between physical, mental, emotional and social factors that contribute to causing pain and other symptoms to become chronic.

Now I focus exclusively on helping people become pain-free like I am now.  Being free of chronic pain and symptoms is totally possible.

I have helped hundreds of patients relieve their lasting pain using an evidence based and holistic approach.  This will help you feel empowered, re-energized and not afraid to lean into your life again.  You can see what they say in our reviews below (CLICK here to jump to my reviews).

If you’re ready to feel the energy and happiness that comes from being free of pain, let’s connect.  I offer new patients a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about whether this work is right for you.  Or, if you’ve read enough and are just “ready to get going”, you can schedule your Pain-Free Consultation now with the button below. Our patient coordinator will reach out to you quickly to help you arrange what you need.

I can help with the following chronic persistent conditions…

Back Pain
Neck Pain
Mid Back Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain
Wrist or Hand Pain
Repetitive Strain Injuries

Chronic joint Pain
Chronic Fatigue
Non-Cardiac Chest Pain
Chronic Body Tension
Many other chronic conditions….

What is Chronic Pain and/or Symptoms?

Chronic pain/symptoms are pain or symptoms that lasts longer than the natural healing process of the injury or incident that first causes it.  Typically it take 3 to 6 months for an injury to heal.

Pain or symptoms that remains after that point can be thought of as an echo of the initial issue and becomes locked in the neural circuits of the brain and nervous system.

There are many names for these kinds of pain or symptoms, such as:

  • Neuroplastic Pain (NPP)
  • Psychophysiological Disorder (PPD)
  • Neural-Circuit Pain
  • Centralized Pain
  • and more…

It is pain that continues in the absence of tissue damage.

This begs the question… why does pain stick around without damage?

Why Do Pain Or Symptoms Become Chronic?

Pain becomes chronic for a number of reasons.  In general, it’s kept alive by unrecognized stress.  This can depend on many factors such as:

  • how the pain/symptom started,
  • what was going on in your life at the time the pain/symptom started (or a little before it started)
  • how we grew up
  • the way we look at the pain/symptom
  • the way our brain processes stress
  • the experiences we have gone through in our adult life

When your brain detects enough perceived threat or danger from these and other factors it activates our built in “threat warning signal” – that is pain.  The intention of our brains pain signal is to get your attention and move yourself into action to protect yourself.

As this pattern repeats itself, the brain’s natural ability to learn (called “neuroplasticity”) make it easier and easier to trigger the pain/symptom.  Over time, it takes less and less stress to trigger the pain/symptom signal.  Eventually, the pain or symptom can be around all the time as an unwelcome resident or it can take the smallest of triggers to cause a full blown pain/symptom eruption.

Defusing this vicious cycle is the key to ending the persistent pain/symptoms and getting you back to feeling good again.

How can you heal your pain?

Our goal in healing your pain is to help your brain feel safe again.  A brain and body that feels safe can turn of the “threat warning signal”.  When that happens, your pain will begin to quite or turn right off.

Over my personal journey and professional career, I’ve developed a 5 step process that guides you through becoming free of pain.

We do this with a 5 step process that I’ve developed to help you get pain free.

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