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The Mindful Body Meditation

The Mindful Body Meditation A brief mediation to help us find comfort and peace when our body is uncomrfortable because of pain, anxiety or stress. [...]

The Unbreakable Part

The Unbreakable Part The self, the sould, your spark only needs to be remembered, uncovered and freed. It can never be broken, added to or taken away. Removing the clutter [...]

Finding the Good

Finding The Good: It’s even more important to notice the good in bad times. Our natural awareness leans towards being vigilant against threat. We tend to notice the bad more [...]

“I notice…”

"I notice..." You are not your thoughts.  You are not your feelings.  You are the observer of your thoughts and feelings. When times are tough, it's hard to recognize that [...]

Breathe Out

Breathe Out Like the clouds do when it rains. Like the river does to the sea. Like the palm does in the breeze. Like the napping cat does. Like the [...]

Sticking Point

Sticking Point You're feeling inspired and you see a new possiblity/idea/goal for your life. You set out into action on that new dream. You run into your first shortcoming, challege [...]

Wall Angel 1

Wall Angel 1 Benefit:  Strengthen the muscles of optimal upright posture; A mobility exercise for tight postural muscles; Build endurance in optimal posture for work and play. General instructions: [...]

Simple isn’t Easy

Simple isn't Easy Keeping things simply is a goal for many of us.  An overly complex life can overwhelm and often is keeping us away from the things we really [...]

Let Your Inner Artist Out

Let Your Inner Artist Out Many of us wouldn't consider ourselves to be artists.  However, you use creativity  everyday in problem solving and achieving outcomes. It takes creativity to move [...]