Sometimes Healing Feels Like Breaking at First

Have you even been in the middle of a positive life change when you start to feel sore, exhausted or like they’re breaking.

One patient refered to it as “When the cluster-mess comes!”

The good intentions and excitement of making changes can wane when things start to feel messy.

Let me assure you, you are heading in the right direction if it’s starting to feel that way.

Remember how your lawn looks just before you finish cleaning out the garage?  How does your home look when you’re renovating a room?  How does your kitchen counter look when you’re cleaning out the utensil drawer?

The answer is messy!

When you’re reshaping what you do, and how you do it, you’ll be breaking a few eggs to make that omlet.

When recovering from jet lag, it takes on day for every hour of time change.  How much time does it take to recover from months, years or even decades of doing things a certain way?

Keep focused on your intention, rally your support, and remember your Big Why to help power you through the spots that hurt.

Good luck!