Every winter we put in some good family and fitness time on Toronto’s outdoor ice rinks trying to master our skating skills.

Earlier this week June, my 8 soon to be 9 year old, face planted on the ice and nearly bit a hole through her lip. Blood everywhere… and now she is terrified of ice skating!

Instead of pushing her back onto the ice, I suggested we simply go back to the rink and watch her sister skate.

She required comforting to agree to that step and as we got into the car I could see the fear on her face.

Once we got to the rink, she was chatting up a storm… she must be feeling more like herself. 😉

“Should we throw your skates on, Junie?”

“Let’s go man!!!”, she poked back.

She was back!!!

She didn’t need courage enough to get right back on the ice at first. She only needed enough courage to take the first step towards the intended outcome.

It reminds me, we don’t need to climb the whole mountain, we just need to take the first step. The path will show itself from there.