Burnout Culture: Watch your energy so you can show up again tomorrow

We clearly live in a “more is better” culture.  If you didn’t “crush” your workout, you didn’t work hard enough.  If you’re not acheiving personal bests at work, maybe you don’t really want it.  Losing 1 pound a week isn’t nearly as good as 6 pounds.

This leads to inevitable burnout.  And exhaustion of your resources, low energy, symptoms throughout the mind and body and serious vulnerability to health problems like chronic pain, depression, anxity and other organic issues.

The key to healing and longevity is finding the rhythm between spending energy and recovering energy.

If you spend a lot today, then consider recovery tomorrow… maybe even a day or two more than just tomorrow.

If you spend your energy today with your long term goals in mind, you’ll find a nice balance that will win the race.

There’s a fine balance between pushing yourself towards growth and healing, and shoving yourself too far with a well meaning intention.