What’s a Two-a-Day?

A Two-a-Day is a term used often in varsity sports training.  In the first few weeks of the season, to get the team up to the right performance levels, they will practice twice a day.  They call that a “Two-a-day”.

Often, in my experience with people going through challenging time, those that report the best outcomes, tell me that they practice their self-care routings more than normal.  We’ve come to affectionately call that “two-a-days” as well!

I’ll find myself, during the last few weeks, feeling a lot more distracted.  Scared and anxious thoughts will invade my mind more easily and I’ll feel the effects in my body.

For that reason, I’ve been practicing my self-care routings two to sometimes three times a day.  Mediation, mobilizing and stretching, walks, taking a deep breath, text sessions with my buds to connect and build each other up, and calling my parents to check in on them while they check in on me!

This doesn’t mean you have to be doing hours of self-care a day… but, you’ll see an increase for sure.

People who share their stories with me will tell me they’ll meditate for an extra 5 minute session on their lunch hour or in their car after work.  Some will talk a walk around the block before ending at their regular coffee stop,  Others still will take more baths, nature walks or reading.

Let’s take another page from the high level athletes play book… more work (i.e. stress) requires more recovery (i.e. self-care).  We’ve been working hard lately – even thoughts who aren’t at work – so, we’ll require more gentle, loving self-care.