Finding the Beauty in the Cracks

We are a reflection of our what we pay attention to.

What we focus on fills our mind up like a bucket.  That perspective drips down into our entire body until each and every cell is filled.

Crisis and challenge creates cracks in our lives.  Fisures that will require repair and remodeling.  Our grace, beauty and self grows out from within those cracks.

Pay attention to the flowers that grow from those cracks.  You’re witnessing creation itself.

The awe of a beautiful horizon.  Holding a new born for the first time.  Witnessing inspiration in another.

Focus on the love, gratitude and the magic of the moment and you will fill yourself with the creative energy of the entire universe.  You will feel that power down to your feel.  You will see the world through a new perspective.  You will act in that way and create new and different results that change the shape of your life and the lives of the people that come near you.