Using our “Calming Sense”

There is a lot of fear and anxity right now and many calls to use our common sense.

In my experience, people are bright, intelligent and well meaning.  Rarely do we act maliciously or with intent to hurt.

I see a lack of a sense of calm, some “calming sense”, in the mayham.

It’s OK to be afraid and unsure.  You’re like the so many of us who are confused and scared.

And if you see someone who looks afraid or is acting irrationally, offer them some “calming sense”.  Do this by validating their emotions and acknowledging their perception even if it’s not your own.

Notice the person for who and where they are.  Help them feel seen, heard and understood.  Only once our emotions are quelled, can we act as our bright, intelligent and well meaning selves.

Use your “calming sense”.