Moneky Mind – Is your mind all over the place?

Monkey mind is the playful name we use when our focus and attention are all over the place.  When we bouce from thought to thought, feeling to feeling.

We often fight it, resist it, and suggest it needs to go!

But guess what?  It’s common… and even normal in tough times.  It’s not a bad thing.  It doesn’t deserve to be pathologized, but, it may be helpful to help find yourself in the ruckus so you can show up as your best when you need it.

It’s your brains way of trying to keep tabs on everything that is happening.  It’s a form of hypervigalency to make sure we’re keeping an eye on all the impending threats in our life – that includes your physical environment as well as your internal mental/emotional/spritual environment.

Practicing meditation and self-care, even when you’re feeling wrangy, helps you get back to seeing your life clearly… even when the monkey is still running around the living room.