Have You Ever Had A Stress Hangover?

Have you ever experienced a stressful or challenge time in your life and then just crashed afterwards?

The trouble hits, you rally to handle it, you get through and then “Wammo!”, you feel all that stress hit!

Maybe a cold sore pops up.  Or you succumb to a cold.  Maybe your neck or back gets sore or you digestive trouble strikes.  You’re so tired and you just have nothing left.

You’re suffering from a stress hangover.

What does this mean and how it happen?

Your nervous system and all your bodily resources rally to support you through the challenge.  You see, the nervous system doesn’t know the difference between a perceived life or death situation and a real one.  So, all systems are shifted towards your goal… to near depletion.

When it’s finally over, you have some clean up and recovery to do.  One hundred thousand years ago, when the basic genetic code that we still use today was formed, after a big battle, we would quitely shrink back into our caves to heal your wounds and let the dust settle.

That’s still the case today, but society doesn’t seem to slow down like that.  So, often, instead of going into Rest, Relax and Recover mode, we just keep pushing on with our normal life like nothing happened.

What can we do differently?  Take a break from your normal routine and listen to your body.  Give yourself what you need.  Surround yourself with loved ones and people who care.  Ask for help.  Nourish your body with good food, meaningful work and inspiring movement.

What helps best with your Stress Hangovers?