We Become What We Do Most

A long time ago I realized the secret to aheiving the big goals and dreams in my life was to do little meaningful things, often, over a long period of time.

There was no such singular action as “graduating school” or “building a practice” or “raising children”.  Those outcomes are the sum of many many little actions repeated over time.  There is no short cut.

You’ll know if they are the right actions if they:

  1. Nuture yourself and those involved:  If it fosters growth in all involved, it’s a healthy action.
  2. They feel fulfilling, but maybe not good:  I often fear my workouts, until I love them.  Actions that lead to worthy and meaninful outcomes are often hard, but they’re the right kind of hard.  Something you can feel proud of, that fills you up and makes you feel content.
  3. They move the needle of your big goal closer to your dreamed outcome:  As you see your outcome coming into shape, you know you’re doing the right things… if you see it heading off track, you ask yourself what other little thing you might need to notice and you change your behaviour.  Your outcome acts as your guide and your barometer!

Little actions are the building blocks of your big outcomes!

Take an action inventory to see how your little actions are contributing, or not, to acheiving your big outcomes.