What’s the one little thing you could do to improve today.

What’s your goal to next level actions, thoughts or outcomes?

What 1% could you improve today?

What could you change by a degree to see new improvement?

You don’t have to swing for the fences and take on whole shifts in one day. That’s a tone of energy and is rarely sustainable.

Little shifts are doable and don’t rely on white knuckle will-power.

Little changes become tangible action steps, which soon become sticky habits.

Over time those little shifts make big differences.

I can think of a few that have worked for me in the past:

• A little less sugar in my coffee everyday. Now I take no sugar at all. (Just ask Claudia at @fallingbrookmarket)

• A few more veggies in my day, and a little less bread until I felt more energy. I’m leaner and my afternoon energy crash is less horrible now.

• An extra minute of meditation over a few months until 20 minutes was easy, peaceful and refreshing. I’m at 4,400 minutes on @InsightTimer since I joined early 2019.

• One 5-paragraph blog post a day to practice writing… I’m at 134 posts since July 2019.

To make small shifts for big results in yo life remember to:

  • Keep it sustainable. Can you do it easily, everyday?
  • Keep it inspiring. Is the shift inline with a vision or goal that serves your purpose and is meaningful to you?
  • Keep it actionable. Is the shift broken down into your *next purposeful action*?