Be gentle… it’s been a BIG week

It’s been a big week.

The corona virus outbreak has had a strong effect on so many aspects of our life and will continue to for a while.

You’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed by the changes and the state of the world right now.

When the demands on our system build up like they have this week, the nervous system shunts the blood away from the frontal part of our brain (the logical and rational part of the brain) towards lower part of the brain responsible for self-preservation.  This is the Fight or Flight mechanism and is perfectly normal.

The Fight or Flight mechanism throws us into defense mode.  This can look like:

  • flexed posture as a means of protecting our important mid-line structures – eyes, throat and internal organs
  • irritable and defensive attitude with others as an out dated means of defending ourselves against an invisible attacking tribe
  • unexplained anxiety and a hyperventilate/hypersensitive awareness
  • deep fatigue from all this extra physiological work

This response from our body is perfect when it helps us get away from an attacking threat in the short term… but, when the news keeps pumping in and Facebook continues the news feed, the threat doesn’t go away.  This is exhausting and will burn you out.

The antidote to this is being caring and considerate of ourselves and others.  Taking care of ourselves and offering ourselves what we need in this moment.  Consider how others are feeling and offer to help.  Acting in a caring way to yourself and others sends blood to those centres of the brain responsible for compassion and caring and actually strengthens and bolsters them against stress.  This will make you feel better and more connected during this fracturing time.

Be gentle with yourself and others… it’s been a big week.