Acceptance won’t make it permanent

In our modern language, acceptance has come to mean something like “it is what it is”.  It is supposed to be well meaning most of the time.  But, for whatever reason,  has an implication of permanency; or “tolerating it”; or, that you have to agree, support or condone whatever it is.

But acceptance isn’t synonymous with those things.  Acceptance simply means to allow it or letting it be.  Not to condone, appreciate, like, tolerate, settle into or other.

The metaphor of a sleeping dog is often used here.  Imagine yourself walking into a room where you find a peaceful dog sleeping on a mat warmed by the sun coming in a nearby window.

Imagine the feeling you get when you simply acknowledge the dog and allow them to continue sleeping while you go on your way.  Allowing the good dog to be as it was, while you be as you are.

Acceptance simply implies you allow whatever it is that you are resisting to just be.  Simply acknowledge it as  it is, allow it to be, and let it go for this moment.  From that place of peaceful acknowledgement, you will see more clearly, and a new and different choice will emerge.