What opens your heart? Do it more.

A couple weeks ago I had the honour and privilege to speak at a workshop for 50 or so health industry professionals about mindfulness and health and achieving excellence in their lives.

The workshop went well, I was received warmly from the group and departed feeling full.

On my way home, I stopped at a place that Shannon and I go to that serves the best oven sandwiches.

While I was quietly eating my sandwich while looking out the window at the coming season my eyes welled up and tears started falling onto the wax paper that my sandwich came in.

Was I sad? No. I was open. My heart had opened from sharing my truth into the open minds of the group I was invited to share with.

What should I do, I wondered?

The answer that came… let it flow and do more of what opens my heart!

Passion and purpose are often when we connect our purpose, pain and energy towards making a meaningful difference.

Let it all out and do more to make a difference.

What opens your heart?