There are just some things you can’t do alone.

Dr. Adam Bletsoe

You’re a busy professional, entrepreneur or parent and you want to have the energy and capacity to do your thing.

You’re open, you’re ready, you’ve got so much to give but you feel stuck! You feel like your body is busted, you’re tired and you’re sick of being tired.

Fact is… Balancing A busy life and staying focused on feeling good is way harder than you originally thought.

Real life is, well, really hard. Life packs a punch and you’ve got the bruises to show it. There’s been some bumps in the road and those bums have left you feeling battered and weary.

Sure, you’ve had moments of feeling good or things seem to work well but often at the expense what really interests you.

You’re challenged with knowing what to do and how to do it to achieve what you want. you’ve looked everywhere you’ve asked all the questions, consulted all the experts and bought all the products.

There are just some things you can’t do alone.

Hi, I’m Dr. Adam,

I’m a passionate Chiropractor, mindfulness teacher and life coach… and I see you.

I know all about what you’re going through. When I started in the same place as you I fought my way from sick, sorry, hopeless and tired up to peaceful, pain-free and purposeful life.

In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me.

I started out in chiropractic practice in 2005. After investing in a million courses and a ton of trial and error, and more failures than I care to admit, I clawed my way to a successful practice.

I’ve helped hundreds of people relieve their hurt and suffering, rekindle their energy and passion and find their focus in the things that are important to them again. I helped them find their way back to their purposeful lives.

I’ve worked 1-to-1, taught workshops, courses, group programs, and corporate training.

I’m here so you don’t need to make all the mistakes I did.

The world needs more happy, healthy and purposeful people.  We’re at multiple crossroads in our world right now.  People are unhappy, anxious and hopeless at an alarming rate.

The world needs you to be at your best.

Healing, growing and creating comes naturally to me, so I’ll be here to help you stave off burnout, focus your goals, and increase your energy so you can do the things you love.

So, if you are ready to refine yourself, raise your energy and focus on your dreams, let’s talk.

Nourish Chiropractic + Mindfulness

136 Main Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 2V8

416 624-0388

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