You’ve come back from tough times before… How will you do it again?

Knowing that you’ve had tough times before, and that you’ve come back from them is part of being strong and adaptive to life’s unpredictable ups and downs.

Remember back to when you had some hard times and I didn’t call what it was you did to come out.

Becoming aware of the Architecture of your greatest successes and failures supports wisdom, healing and growth being brought to any given situation.

– – – –

What did you focus on?

What characteristics did you embody?

What did you nurture and encourage, and what did you avoid and discourage?

What messages does your body send you? Your thoughts? Feelings? And intuition?

What were the results when you listened to those messages and what were the results when you didn’t?

Gather a greater awareness of your Architecture and, with time, you’ll adapt more easily to the waves in the ocean of life.