“What gets in your way becomes your new goal”

What to do when you run up against an invisible impediment when you’re trying to create an outcome in your life?

Welp, the same thing you would do if you were clambering along a forest path and came upon a boulder in your path.

That boulder would become your temporary, but complete, focus for the moment.

You would summon all your creative skills and apply them to the new challenge.

You’d assess the best way to pass the boulder? Whether it was safe? Who could help? What resources you’d need?

You would steady your motions, remind yourself of your ideal and act in the moment.

Eventually, once you’ve earned it, that boulder would be behind you. You’d be back on the route to your goal to then take on the next challenge that you must rise to as a step to your desired outcome.

Repeat the skills you applied already.

Eventually, sometimes later than sooner, you arrive where you planned.

Only, you’re stronger, more able and and a fuller more complete and shining version of the individual who started out the journey.