When boulders become building blocks

When we look back, we may be able to notice that tough or challenging times haves served us in ways we would have never imagined.

    The embarrassment from the time I forgot the main sponsors name at our high end golf tournament helped me become a wiz with names.
    That time I hurt myself taking care of a patient drove me to stay strong and fit.
    The day my brilliant and sensitive daughter pointed out that I hurt her feelings motivated a journey in my life to learn greater compassing within my strength and the skill of relationship repair.

At the time, those times stung. They hurt my ego, my reputation, my body or my heart.

With the right inquiry and insight, we can rise from our challenges, heal, become more whole and grow.

Consider these inquiries:

  1. What was behind that behaviour for me? What emotion could I have conveyed more gracefully?
  2. What is my desired outcome for this effort, relationship, project? How am I acting in accordance with that? How am I acting in a way that won’t bring that desired result?
  3. Where did I make a mistake, screw up or drop the ball? What can I do, learn, change, heal to show up in a way to bring about that ideal?

Everyone screws up. Good people make mistakes.

Be kind to yourself and others when mistakes happen.

Stand by yourself, don’t abandon you. Support your team and family.

Be grateful for the awareness of the error such that you have the chance to heal and grow.