Bravery is having the courage to be yourself in challenging and hard situations.
Situations that challenge and push you… one where you’d normal run or disappear and hid your true self.
It’s not putting on a shield and raising your sword, gritting your teeth and striking the challenge down. It’s not moving into an agressive or defensive space. It’s not about creating more damage and hurt.
But more so, it’s even less about abandoning yourself in that important moment and missing the opportunity to gracefully and kindly represent yourself and your needs*.
It’s gently, calmly and and from your centre, standing in yourself, in your grace, noticing your personal needs and wants in the situation and environment as it is. Allowing what is, accepting the moment – including allowing and accepting who you are in that moment. Speaking and sharing kindly, not hurtfully, without putting anyone down (including yourself), or building anyone up (including yourself).
Bravery is about having the strength to be you in the tough times.
*In sitiuations of danger or abuse, choosing to walk away and protect yourself first is the best choice. I’m talking about situations where it’s safe, albeit tough, to stand and represent yourself and your needs.