What Do You Do With Your Health?

A long time patient came to the clinic for his regular adjustment. He took a moment to show me his new watch.

He was beaming with pride and even a bit flabbergasted by the price tag that was originally adhered to the underside of it.

He revealed that he had received Volunteer of the Year for the Prostate Cancer Society.

His comment, “I finally feel like I’m rounding third!”

When I asked him what he meant, he explained, “I liked my pre-retirement career and it was fulfilling, but not like this.”

“I feel like I’m finally making a big difference, and to be recognized for it like this, makes me feel like I’m sliding into home base!”

For as long as I’ve been a health care provider, I’ve had a sense that what we do for our patients isn’t about what we think it’s about.

My sense is that patients seek health care so they can do what they love.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to witness one such occasion and it reminded me why I do what I love.

Congratulations Mr. ER. Slide into home! You’re about to score a run!