Today I remember that I’m unique, important and worth it!

Take a moment today to remember, nourish and bask in the awareness that you are a unique piece of this universe. And without you the world wouldn’t be the same.

People wouldn’t have the opportunities to grow and connect and see things the way that do it it wasn’t for you. This makes you critically important to the cogs and gears of the way things work.

And yeah, sometimes things are uncomfortable and hard, and you might wonder if it would be easier if you just weren’t so much. But, you’re damn worth it! Remember that!!!

You’re not your past or your negative self talk… you’re your intention that you’re growing into – and we need that BEST YOU!

So take a minute to feel where that hits you in the body. Don’t push it away. Dip your toe into that pool. Jump right in if you can. Cannonball if you’ve got it! Bask in it. Come more and more into that truth.

See you tomorrow! And don’t forget to bring a little more of this than you had yesterday.