There’s no perfect life, just a perfect situation to spark you towards becoming your best

Contrary to what you were told, there is no perfect life.

This is a common misunderstanding made my many.

Looking for the perfect life. Waiting until life is perfect until being happy. Comparing the life we have to that perfect idea in our head.

Life is meant to be imperfect. This provides relativity. Dark and light. Good and bad. Love and hate.

We are meant to encounter the imperfect as a reflection of what is within ourselves.

Using an Idealistic mindset, this will send you into a spiral of comparison, not good enough and self-criticism.

Seen through the eyes of the Journeyer, this is a reflection of an area where growth is needed. A way of pinpointed a skill needed to get where you’re really interested in going.

Finding peace with imperfection and seeing it for the spark of wisdom it is will move you along the path to the life and health of your dreams.