Reconciling our Timeline

We can only ever act in the present moment. That the only place action ever happens.

But, it’s no secret that past experiences influence our action. And fear of an outcome can shape the way we show up.

So, how do we get here now… without act as a slave for our fear or regrets? How do we be ourselves in this moment?

First, we ask ourselves how our past experience can inform this moment. Noticing our pasts influence on our present is one way to mine for that wisdoms and use it to our advantage and not use it as a crutch.

Second, we can acknowledge that we have an intended outcome and fears of negative things happening. Acknowledging and accepting that we have feelings about what might happen eases their grip on us.

Then, we let go of control of the outcome.

The best solution with flow through us. Shape our action by our intended outcomes and our values.

Mine the past for wisdom, acknowledged our emotions, remember or vision, act in the now.