What season are you in? Life flows better when you respect where you are.

Some years ago, I had two young daughters and a bustling practice. I was complaining to my mentor that I wasn’t making good on all my commitments and big dreams. There wasn’t enough time in the day for everything.

My mentor broke through my anxiety to remind me that I was in the thick of it with my kids and practice.

He reminded me to notice where ie was in this moment, in this season of my life, and set my expectations and goals from there.

Truth is, my children were my highest value and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

It took work to fall into that season. It was hard for me to let go of the spear-carrying cave man, goal focused intensity. But, when I put it in its right position, behind my growing toddlers, life flowed with much greater ease.

Now, they’re just that much older and I’m sensing a shift in season. I wonder what will unfold there? I guess I’ll find out.