Was there a time in the past year that was really hard then, but now, you feel differently about? A strongly emotional time, that feels less changed, even positive now? A crisis that has opened up new opportunities for all of the strife it caused? Something horrible that looks different, even slightly, today?


Can you see now how that event or circumstance had a benefit for you when you see it from today’s vantage point? How it may have helped you get to where you are now? How it may have sparked the learning of skills, lessons or insights?


Call that experience to mind. Remember it. Feel the feelings and sense the echo of what was there. Recall what was real and now is only a fossil. A relic of what was.


Now, take a moment to bring to mind the ways you’ve grown, how you have benefited, and how you’re different for it today.


Tough times can be the beginning of a road, not the end. When we trudge on, take the lessons and collect the wisdom, they can offer a new start.


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