The most efficient way is often the least adaptive.

Being adaptive is about strearing your choices and your life towards what’s best to help you grow and reach your optimal potential.

Being efficient is about using what’s easiest and most accessible.  All too often that’s an old pattern or choice from past experience that is not directly applicable to the present circumstance.

Adaptive comes from the most complex and energy hungery part of the brain, the cortex.  It costs a lot to stear your choice in a new direction. Adaptive is in awareness, choice and is conscious.

Efficient comes from an older and much less of a glutton for energy, the limbic system.  It is simple, easy and thoughtless to make the old decision. Efficiency is in the patterns, the habits, the unconscious.

Creating change in your life takes conscious thought and energy.  Be gentle with yourself and your energy when you’re changing.

It’s tiring work.