Does Your Body Ever Feel Like A Crushed Pop Can?

Stress collapses your body like a crushed pop. This is the structural body’s natural and predictable response to any kind of stress.

The part of our brain that keeps us tall against gravity gets overwhelmed and we regress to our most primitive, and safe feeling, position – the fetal position.

The fetal position is a protective posture where our trunk and limbs flex forward to protect the important stuff along our midline – the heart, throat, eyes, guts and reproductive organs.

This is a brilliant evolutionary move in the heat of battle, but not so useful when it’s over.

Staying in this flexed forward posture is a perfect recipe for an injury when you go to pick up that paper clip, sneeze or just do nothing.

The body’s nourishment after a stressful occasion is becoming upright against gravity – eyes on the horizon, collar bones wide and joints in extension.

There’s lots of ways to do that, an adjustment being just one. Whatever your choice, don’t forget that aspect when you’re recovering from your big week.