Dancing In The Rain: Creating Calm and Peace During Uncertain Times


An 8 week mindfulness meditation program to help you create calm and peace during uncertain times.
We meet on Zoom every Tuesday evening at 7pm-8:15pm starting October 6th till November 24th.

A combination of Mindfulness and Meditation exercises with soulful life-teachings, specially crafted meditations and focused self-reflection exercises to help you calm your body and create a peaceful mind so you can continue to grow and be productive during this challenging time.

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I have a sense that this moment in history is very important for many of us.

On March 16th, 2020 my chiropractic practice was shut down to help flatten the curve.  The next day, I made myself a promise.  I promised myself that my family and I will look back on this pandemic as a time where a seed was planted and we grew from the pain.  I envisioned a day 10 or 20 years from now where they showed a skill or interest that came from this time.  I wanted to find a new way of serving my community that continued to fulfill my purpose.  I wanted this challenge to mean something!

For many of you too, I know that it has not been easy, but at the same time, you are looking for ways to show up with strength, purpose and passion.

I believe that we can come out of this challenge in a better way – both personally and globally – than we went in.  l suggest that our sense of self can be refined by the rough edges of this adversity.  I know that this challenge can help us refine our purpose and the way we serve our community.  This is an important time and our history, and I believe we have to be fully present to make the best of it.

For some of you, the isolation has been suffocating.  The uncertainty has caused strangling knots in your muscles.  For others, it has caused a financial tension making it hard to breathe.  For others still, you may home come to question what you are doing here and what matters.

I have felt the same crunch.  I have felt paralyzed by the racial tension in the US and question how I can be part of the solution.  I felt the tension when my livelihood was taken away for 2 months and the threat of that happening again should the second wave come.  My partner is a teacher and she was suddenly teaching from home while our three girls were learning from home.  Those where tough conditions for everyone.  In early February, just before COVID got real, my Mom had a sudden medical diagnosis that required immediate surgery.  She recovered without follow-up as her specialist’s offices were shut down as well.

The stress was so high my hands broke out in red and raw rashes.

When all this landed on my mind and body, I needed to double down on my focus, intention and compassion.  My mindfulness meditation practice got me through it.  The years of practice I had put in up until now made me ready to face this challenge head on.  As the ancient Spartan warrior saying goes, “Those who sweat more in training, bleed less in war.”  I had put in my training, so I suffered less during this time.  I was available to continue to grow and serve at my best.

The same is possible for you.

I would like to offer this mindfulness meditation program oriented towards helping you weather the storm that we have been in.  A program that will help nurture calm in your body and peace in your mind so you can make the best choices available to you as you continue to journey through this life.

What does The Dancing In The Rain Course look like?

In The Dancing in the Rain Course is an 8 week mindfulness & meditation course containing soulful life-teachings, specially crafted meditations and  focused reflection exercises to help you create calm in your body and peace in your mind so you can create a joyful, fulfilling and meaningful life during this challenging time.  This experiential process will get big results in the quickest way possible.

Like always, it will be grounded in neurology, physiology, mind-body science and meditation wisdom.  It will be conveyed in ways – with metaphors, examples and stories –  that make it usable and understandable for all levels of learners.

When: Tuesday evenings – October 6th to November 24th – 7:00pm to 8:15pm EST
(***If you can’t be there live or prefer to study on your own, don’t worry, all the videos and worksheets are posted in our private Facebook group***)

How: Classes will be held on my private Zoom meeting room (code sent with registration); All videos/worksheets will be emailed and posted in a Private Facebook group.

You will not be alone.  I want you to get the most out of this course and at this unique time in your life.  I will be available to you to help you through this in every way possible.  It’s my purpose to help you find your way through this in the best way possible.

What you will learn from this course:

  • Meditation techniques to help focus the mind, improve attention and concentration on what matters most to you.
  • Mind-body techniques that will calm your body and mind to reduce stress, improve thinking and reduce anxiety.
  • Compassion meditations that improve connection to yourself, others and your community; improves forgivenss and reduces that “Inner critic” who’s always wispering negative things in your ear.
  • Emotional release techniques to soothe and nurture uncomfortable emotions so you can process them and let them go.
  • Energy Capacity concepts to help you improve your productivity, recovery and healing.

What others are saying about my teaching:

“Adam is a great teacher. He is very grounded and personable. He struck a wonderful balance between presenting material and sharing experiences.”

“Adam has simple ways to explain such profound topics.  The meditations were incredible as well. He has so many different analogies and ways to explain the background information as well as lead meditations.”

“Absolutely loved Dr. Bletsoe’s mindfulness meditation course.  It was a wonderful balance of theory and practice.  He shares a  wealth of knowledge with a very grounded and inspiring personality as an added and welcome bonus!  Thank you Dr. Adam Blestoe for the work that you do!”

“Dr. Adam is a wonderful teacher. Caring, calming and compassionate!”

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