A year from today, what will be important?

Our brains, like a heat seeking missiles or bloodhounds, are trained to seek and acquire the most important thing.

If you look around your life this minute, what in it today would you like to be important this time next year?

Will it be the petty argument? The unimportant inconvenience your working through? The annoyance from a supplier, colleague or close relationship?

If you’re going through a challenge or hard time right now, what current part of it would you like to stick around next year?

Or, might is be the way you gracefully recovered from the moment? The inspiring solution you developed? The new relationship forged? The new kindness and understanding your found for yourself or others and the way it shows up in your life?

What part of it would you like to define you 12 month from today? How would you like to remember the adversity?

If our brains seek to actualize the story we hold highest, be careful when you choose what story that is.